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  • Though the Aujan family hails from Saudi Arabia, the roots of the family business can be traced back to Bahrain. Abdulla Aujan & Brothers was established in this Gulf country in 1905 as a family operation, which traded tobacco, rice, beverages and other commodities.
  • By 1928, the company obtained the exclusive Middle Eastern rights to import and distribute Vimto, a fruit based cordial drink which has been extremely popular in the UK since its introduction in 1908. Achieving the imports rights marked the evolution of Abdulla Aujan & Brothers into the Saudi-headquartered Aujan Industries, a change which resulted in the emergence of the international beverage company which exists today.
  • By the 1970s, Aujan Industries established itself throughout the Saudi Arabian market and the GCC. The company continued to innovate and by 1973 launched Vimto Carbonated, the first fruit flavoured carbonated soft drink.
  • In the 1980s, Aujan Industries saw an opportunity to develop its own direct distribution infrastructure, part of a programme which was closely followed by the construction of the Dammam-based manufacturing facility.

    These initiatives led to Aujan Industries' first homegrown brand: Rani. In 1982, Rani Orange Float was launched to an eager market. As the brand took off, a series of other formats were introduced,
  • The company introduced to the region the malt beverage drink, Barbican. Launched to great acclaim, Barbican personified the future of beverages amongst the GCC's growing youth market.

    Barbican soon became the drink of choice for the younger generation and embraced regional changes in trends, imagery and consumption habits.
  • Sales of Rani had passed the 10 million case mark.
  • Aujan Industries took a major step to increase its production capacity when it setup a state-of-the-art production facility at Dubai in 2005.
  • 2009 was a major milestone for Aujan Industries with the completion of the can making and filling facility in Iran.

    Also in 2009, Rani Imports Egypt was created.
  • In 2011, Aujan Industries and The Coca-Cola Company announced a nearly US$1 billion binding agreement for The Coca-Cola Company to acquire approximately half of the equity in Aujan's existing beverage business.

    The capacity enhancement projects and the investments in the market allowed Aujan Industries to pass the 100 Million cases sales figure in 2011, achieving yet another landmark in its history of operations.
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Latest News

Latest News
Aujan Industries and the Coca-Cola company announce signing of $980 million agreement. Provides potential global growth platform for Aujan brands and positions the Coca-Cola company as a leader in high-growth middle east non-carbonated beverages sector...
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